6 Useful Features of Firefox Quantum

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Mozilla had a major update to their Firefox browser as the company launched its newly overhauled Firefox web browser on November 14, 2017. This new version is called “Firefox Quantum”. Mozilla stated that this new version of Firefox is really fast and that it’s more than twice as fast as Firefox version 6 months prior to its release.

This browser was redesigned from its core engine to its user interface. The first thing you’ll notice when using this new browser is the new User Interface which resembles flat design which is very clean and simple. Mozilla uses Photon UI to modernize its look and feel.

After using Firefox Quantum for two weeks now, I’ve found some useful features that could make our browsing experience more efficient.

These are the 6 useful features of Mozilla’s Firefox Quantum.

01. Screenshot Tool

This feature allows you to take screenshots of web pages you visit. You can easily customize what part of the website to capture from the whole page to a small portion. In order to access this feature, you just right click on the website and you can find a “take a screenshot” option on the very bottom.

02. Toolbar Customization

This is a very convenient feature since you can customize the toolbar by dragging items to the toolbar. You can also group items onto the more items tool in order to save space in your toolbar. To access this feature, go to Menu in the upper right corner and select Customize.

03. Pocket Integration

Another nice feature of Firefox Quantum is the integration of Pocket – one of the leading save-for-later service in the world. With Pocket installed by default, it is now easy for Firefox Quantum users to save interesting articles and read it later. Once saved to Pocket, all articles are visible on any device – phone, tablet or computer.

04. Tracking Protection

Firefox Quantum has a new feature called tracking protection that blocks websites and scripts to track a user. Tracking is the collection of user’s browser data and habits across multiple websites. You can choose to enable tracking protection always or only in private windows.

05. One-Click Search Engines

This is a very time-saving feature when you’re searching for something and you start to type a keyword in the address bar. You can easily select which search engine you want to use including popular shopping site Amazon and popular social media platform Twitter. You can select which search engine to use in just one click. You can also add other popular search sites using Firefox’s add-ons.

06. Multiple Content Processes

Firefox Quantum has an option to allow users to choose how many content processes to use when browsing with multiple tabs. This will improve performance since it maximizes the CPU cores and threads of a computer. To access this setting, go to Menu in the upper right corner > Options > General and Find the Performance Section.