Download and install Prefix PH to organize contacts by network

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From Unli-Call promos to Unli-Text promos, there are many options and choices of cellular promos available here in the Philippines. Cellular promos in the Philippines typically don’t apply across different networks. For example, if you’re registered to an unli-call promo from Smart network and you have to call a Globe cellular number, chances are you are going to be charged according to regular load per minute or even worse – you’re promo will be terminated. That’s why it is very important to know what cellular network you’ll be going to call or text.

It is very easy to identify which cellular numbers are from Sun, Globe or Smart network. You just look into the first four digits of the number or its prefix. The problem is that there are so many prefixes on Smart, Globe, and Sun Cellular. Well, you don’t have to memorize all these prefixes because there’s an app we can use to identify our contact number by its network in the Philippines. It is called Prefix PH.

What is Prefix PH App?

Prefix PH is an app that helps its users to organize, sort and identify contact numbers by its network. This app automatically identifies and sorts all contact numbers by its network. There are 3 main categories of cellular networks included in the app, namely, Smart & Talk N Text, Globe & Touch Mobile, and Sun Cellular. You can also select your preferred network for making calls.

Other Features of Prefix PH:

  • Always update your contact list
  • Easy way to Pass-A-Load directly to the right contact number
  • Displays one contact number even if you contact has multiple numbers with networks specified.

There are also premium features in Prefix PH available for In-app Purchase.

  • Promo Directory where you can save message templates for your favorite promo codes and register with one click
  • Group messaging feature where you can select message recipients based on a contact network.

2 ways to access Prefix PH checker

01. You can access Prefix PH checker from its dialler from the bottom right portion of the app. The dialer’s main function is to easily make a call just by dialing the number but you can also use it to check the network of your contact. I prefer this method because it is quicker to access.

02. Another way to access Prefix PH checker is to go to Menu and select Check Network option. Type the phone number and it will display the network of the number.