Ellp Review: A Free PC Assistant that makes your Windows smarter

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Need a PC assistant that will notify you if you’re spending too much time with social media? Or you might want to automate tasks when you perform something on your PC like opening Spotify when you plug in your headphones? Or maybe you would like to be notified when the International Space Station passes your location? Sounds cool right? Well, there’s a new PC Assistant that will help automate tasks for you to become more productive and efficient while using Windows Operating System. This app is called Ellp.

So, what is Ellp?

Ellp is a digital PC assistant that helps its users automate daily tasks and boost their productivity. Ellp is designed to revolutionize your desktop experience. There are 4 categories of tasks that Ellp offers, namely, Productivity, Performance, Security, and Entertainment. Productivity category refers to the tasks that help you produce more output on the projects you’re doing while Performance category has options that help you monitor your computer.

The Security category only offers two options, such as notifying you through email when your account is involved in a data breach and setting a time for privacy cleanup. Entertainment category has a lot of options regarding with apps and social media platforms including youtube, facebook, and twitter. It has also options for Spotify.

The tasks under these categories are called Cards.

What are Ellp Cards?

Ellp cards are options that you will select and activate to make Ellp automate tasks for you. At first glance, I’ve noticed that these cards look like widgets. These cards are not activated by default so that you may choose which cards that are useful to you. It is very easy to activate a card, first, you click a card you want, then customize its settings and click activate.

Ellp Cards are very customizable depending on different functionalities it may offer. For example, you may set a certain period of time when Ellp will notify you when you spend too much time in facebook or you may choose a card that opens a folder whenever you open a certain application.


  • Ellp is free
  • Doesn’t require your personal information, entering your email is optional
  • Helps you become more productive, especially when you’re working on projects that need your focus
  • Helps you monitor the performance and status of your computer


  • Ellp is new and doesn’t have many cards especially on security.


Though Ellp is new and doesn’t have a voice command technology that other Virtual Assistant Apps like Contana (Windows 10’s built-in PC Assistant) has, it still is a must have for everyone that uses Windows Operating System. Ellp allows us to focus on things that matter without repeating time-consuming daily tasks. So whether you are using Windows OS for work or entertainment, using Ellp must make your desktop experience better.