How to use Offline Google Maps in Android

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Google Maps is the default mapping service app for android users. It is one of the most popular mapping services in the world because of its useful features. Users can print a map, measure distance between two points, get or find coordinates of a place and search places nearby as long as users have internet connection either WIFI or Mobile Data.

It is a very useful tool to guide travelers in finding directions, restaurants, shops and other landmarks just by using their smart phones. But what if the place you plan to visit doesn’t have a good internet connection or doesn’t have a good signal for mobile data? Most android phone users don’t know that Google maps has a feature that allows its users to download a certain map and use that map later even without internet connection.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1. Open Google Maps App and Search for a place you want to be downloaded.

Step 2. Tap Options and go to Offline Maps. Choose select your own map option.

Step 3. Adjust map selection and tap download.

Step 4. (Optional) Rename, Update or Delete Map.

Step 5. Disconnect from internet and try using your offline map.

Google Maps will automatically update over Wi-Fi but if Maps can’t reach Wi-Fi after 30 days period, it will expire. It is important to note that even though you can access your map offline, it has some limitations of features compared to using Google Maps online. Features like transit, bicycling, and walking directions are only available online.