How to view recently closed notifications on Android

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Notifications are a very useful feature on mobile applications since it keep us updated on what’s happening on our smart phone. Without notifications, it is very difficult for users to get the latest updates by opening apps one by one.

Notifications help us get the latest stories and trending topics from the internet or update us on what’s happening on our social media accounts like facebook, twitter and google plus. And most mobile applications nowadays make use of real time notifications that can notify you in all your devices at the same time given that these devices have connection on internet.

But sometimes after you clear all your notifications, suddenly you realize that you close an important notification without even reading it. You might be wondering, where do these notifications go? How can you view or retrieve recently closed notifications?

The good thing is that Google provides a built-in feature on their android operating system to recover or view such notifications. Android has a settings widget that allows you to choose a setting to view recently received notifications. In other words, android operating system keeps logs of notifications you received.

In this article, I’m going to show you a step-by-step guide to view recently closed notifications from your android device.

Step 1. Go to your home screen, and Go to Widgets.

Step 2. Find the settings shortcut widget. Tap and hold it then drag into your main screen.

Step 3. Choose notifications option.