How to save Internet Data in Google Chrome

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In this article, I will show you how to save internet data in Google Chrome. This guide is very useful especially if you have a metered internet connection.

Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers in the world. In fact, according to the browser market share from, Google Chrome is the most used internet browser in the world with over 58% market share.

If you’re reading this article now, especially on a pc, you’re probably using Chrome, right?

I’m also using Chrome as my primary browser and I’m using it for almost everything such as using social media, reading news, and even learning how to code. And recently I have found a Chrome extension that can save you internet data when you are browsing using chrome. This chrome extension is called Data Saver.

How does Data Saver extension saves internet data?

Data Saver extension for Chrome is offered by Google itself to help their users save data by allowing chrome to compress the pages you visit from Google’s own servers before downloading them. Though Data Saver only saves a small percentage of the data most of the time and it does not compress data from pages that are accessed from incognito mode or pages that use https, Data Saver is still useful because it allows its users to see details on how much data were used per website.

Data Saver is also available in Mobile Chrome.

How to enable Data Saver on Mobile Chrome?

It is very easy to enable Data Saver chrome extension on the mobile version of chrome. You just go to Options by tapping the three dots icon on the upper right portion just beside the URL bar. Then you go to Settings and turn on Data Saver.

If you enable Data Saver from mobile chrome, it does not only save data from Wi-Fi, it can also save your mobile data. If you want to know how to save more data from your smartphone, please visit this article I’ve written previously.

After using it for over a month now, I found out that Data Saver saved 1.6% of data from my 8.1 GB of internet data I’ve consumed for a period of 30 days. That’s equivalent to 138.4 MB worth of internet data.

Here are the screenshots. These screenshots are taken from my desktop, not on the mobile chrome.


As you can see, Data Saver can only save small chunks of data but it’s quite helpful if you have metered internet connection. On the other hand, for users that have unlimited data usage, it still is useful to have Data Saver installed in your Chrome browser so that you can see and monitor your data usage.